Acclaimed San Francisco-based photographer Anthony Lindsey has been photographing this project from the very beginning.  He was initially drawn to it based on his interest in the Bay Area “locavore” movement and a desire to learn more about the realities of farming & ranching sustainably.  Soon, however, he was captivated by the story of the Gleason/Prebilich family and their struggles to hold onto the family’s homestead and history in a rapidly changing agricultural landscape.

Anthony has been an independent commercial photographer in San Francisco since 2000.  After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara (with concentrations in Advanced Photojournalism and Advertising/Illustration) he moved to San Francisco to begin working.  In 2006 he was recognized by American PHOTO Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Young Photographers in America”.  Alongside his commercial work he continues to search for compelling documentary projects to pursue personally.

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