“The land is our identity. The animals we raise are our livelihood. We care for the land the same way our ancestors did. This is our home, and these are our children, our neighbors, our community we provide for.” – Nancy Prebilich, Gleason Ranch

In the face of great loss, interpersonal strife, and life changes, two sisters struggle to hold onto their 150 year-old, 5th generation family ranch after the sudden death of their parents. And while the ranch—their home—becomes more difficult to maintain, so do their relationships.

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Most of the money we raise will go to the post-production process. The work it takes to put together a documentary film is not easy, as there will be countless hours spent organizing and logging footage. Furthermore, sound design, color correction, and music production will demand enormous amounts of time and energy, and will require the coordination and communication of numerous dedicated individuals. Here is where the money raised on Indiegogo will go:

  • Editing Costs
  • Color Correction and Color Grading
  • Sound Design and Mix
  • Sound Effects and Foley
  • Titles
  • Legal Costs (including rights and clearances for the film’s music)
  • Festival Submission Fees
  • Website, marketing, and distribution for Theatrical Release in the U.S.

Every contribution counts, and we’d like to thank you for helping us make this a reality.

On Her Own is about more than just one family struggling to keep their land out of foreclosure. The story asks what it means to give up everything for your history, your heritage, and your identity. It asks what it means to be part of a family, to care for the Earth and its inhabitants. Harnessing moments of celebration, sadness, tragedy, and joy, Gleason Ranch becomes a powerful place of life, death, and the precious connection we hold with the natural world.

For over four years, filmmaker Morgan Schmidt-Feng has been documenting the unfolding story of Gleason Ranch – the ups, the downs, the everyday lives of a family struggling to survive. Now, in association with Filmsight Productions, we are moving toward editing, completion, and distribution. To tell this incredible story and ensure the broadest possible audience, we need your help.

On Her Own is a film that needs to be seen, shared, and seen again. You can be part of making that happen.

“I feel like what’s driven me thus far—what’s been the sort of unspoken family covenant up to this point—has been that in some place inside of each of us, we know that this pertains to something much bigger than ourselves.” – Nancy Prebilich, Gleason Ranch

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